Apartments in Defensores de Chaves street (Lisbon Stone Block)

Alberto Souza Oliveira



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Saturday: 10h, 11h com Arq. Alberto Souza Oliveira

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Maximum 20 people per visit

Wheelchair access

Photography not allowed


A city street corner is always a challenge for an architect who, in this case, designed a rather singular block of stone, with a mutating, moving façade of “stone skin” that takes on different expressions in rapid succession. Comprising 20 dwellings, during the night it radiates light coming from the apartments. During the day, its skin is pierced by sunlight running through adjustable-opening panels. Each dwelling features a central living/dining room joined and leading to the kitchen. By adjusting the position of the panels, the spatiality of the room can be changed into several different configurations.


(Português) Avenida Defensores de Chaves, 67


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Public Transport

Bus: (Português) 722, 727, 728, 736, 738, 744, 754, 764, 783

Subway: (Português) Linha Amarela - Campo Pequeno ou Saldanha