Arco do Cego, by Areeiro

© Pedro Sadio

Open Visits

Regular Visits


Saturday: Sáb 11h com Prof. Sandra Marques Pereira

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Maximum 25 people per visit

Photography allowed


Arco do Cego was designed during the 1st Portuguese Republic (1910-1926) but only opened on 1935, as part of the Estado Novo Low-Cost Housing Programme, espousing the virtues of the detached house, family, property and “ a village within the city”. The difference between the completed design and the initial plan is very revealing of the ideological distance between both political regimes. The Areeiro/Praça de Londres area, a landmark of Estado Novo’s “Capital of the Empire” mindset, was mostly built during the 1940s. Unlike Arco do Cego, which was meant for the lower tiers of the bourgeoisie, it was designed for the affluent elites, proposing a “new” kind of dwelling known as “Mild Portuguese”.


Meeting point: frente à Igreja de São João de Deus


Directions: Google Maps / Apple Maps

Public Transport

Bus: 736, 767

Subway: Linha Verde - Areeiro, Linha Vermelha -Alameda