Thalia Theatre

Fortunato Lodi / Gonçalo Byrne e Barbas Lopes Arquitectos

1843 / 2012


Open Visits

Regular Visits


Sunday: 10h, 11h, 15h, 16h

(Português) 11h e 16h com Arq. Vítor Sá - Barbas Lopes Arquitectos

No reservation required; first-come, first-served

Maximum 50 people per visit

Wheelchair access

Photography allowed


Built in 1820 by the first Count of Farrobo, it was fitted with gas light in 1892. Destroyed by a raging fire in 1862, it remained a charred wreck until 2009. The theatre we see today is the result of rehabilitation works carried out on the ruins of the main seating area and stage, designed by Gonçalo Byrne, Patrícia Barbas e Diogo Seixas Lopes. In the façade, four white marble columns with sphinxes support the peristyle. The triangular pediment integrates an unadorned tympanum, a sculpture of Eratus and an inscription in Latin that reads “Hic Mores Hominum Castigantur” (Here shall the mores of men be punished).


(Português) Estrada das Laranjeiras, 211, 1649-018 Lisboa


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Public Transport

Bus: (Português) 726, 755, 764

Subway: (Português) Linha Azul - Laranjeiras

Train: (Português) Linha de Sintra / Fertagus - Sete Rios